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We offer fully functional global gaming legal structures

The Costa Rican gaming law permits local enterprises to engage in offshore online gambling activities under a self-regulated framework, offering an ideal environment for global startups. This framework grants the much-needed flexibility and autonomy inherent in cyberspace. Success in this realm hinges on reputation and professionalism.

At GLC International, our Gaming Law Attorneys boast unparalleled expertise in legal online gaming ventures within Costa Rica and Central America. Led by a seasoned international Gaming Law attorney, widely regarded as the foremost expert in the region, our firm boasts 25 years of experience in offshore gaming legal structures and Costa Rica-based companies.

We specialize in the establishment of Costa Rican gambling corporations supported by licenses, navigating the intricate landscape of Costa Rica’s gambling laws and industry requirements. Thousands of gambling sites and companies have turned to us for guidance in establishing licensed online gambling services.

Our comprehensive understanding of Costa Rica’s online gambling laws and regulatory requisites ensures adept guidance for setting up offshore online gaming enterprises, whether you’re launching one site or several. GLC International’s Gaming Law Attorneys provide tailored support for Costa Rica-based online gambling operations, ensuring compliance with the country’s gambling laws and regulations.

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Gaming Companies in Costa Rica

For many years, GLC International has advised hundreds of entrepreneurs of small, medium, and large online gaming companies in all the related aspects required to install a legal gaming operation as an offshore platform in Costa Rica

Because of the special nature of the gambling industry, GLC International analyzes every specific request individually. Clients from around the world are interested in setting up lucrative Costa Rica online gambling operations; however, based on our experience with individuals and companies from around the world, we believe in a serious analysis of the best way to provide a legal structure to the gaming enterprise.

GLC International’s Managing Partner and Director, is the author of “The Legality of International Gaming in Costa Rican Law” of 1999 and his opinion on the ever-growing industry of e-gaming has been featured in all the main newspapers of Costa Rica, specifically La Nación, The Tico Times, El Financiero and Al Día, besides that we have provided legal counsel to some of the largest online gaming operations in the country and the world.

Our Director’s experience in the Costa Rican online gambling industry and of the online gambling law led him to create also a reference guide to set up an online gaming operation in Costa Rica. 

Gambling in Costa Rica is permitted under the Costa Rica gaming law, so online gambling legality is not at question when planning to establish an internet online gambling operation. Costa Rica gambling law allows companies to operate gambling sites under current online gambling laws.

So if you are planning to set up online gambling in Costa Rica as a company or individual, let us explain how gambling online from Costa Rica can be done. GLC International’s Attorneys are the gaming law experts in Costa Rica, as our legal online gambling expertise shows.

The following are the basic services that we can provide to the online gaming entrepreneur:

Online Gaming Legal Strategy costa rica

Online Gaming Legal Strategy

A customized legal analysis of the implications of installing an offshore gaming company. You will need to give us at least the following information:

  • Nationality of beneficiaries
  • Location of Servers
  • Types of Games offered
  • Target Market
  • Size of Operation
  • Among other important details
Incorporation of a Gaming Company costa rica

Incorporation of a Gaming Company

GLC International directly incorporates Costa Rican Gaming Companies with authorization in the Social Object of their articles of Incorporation, which allows online gaming activities and online entertainment.
Gambling License costa rica

Gambling License equivalent

Costa Rica offers the ideal online gambling license for start-ups, some of the largest online gaming companies in the world started in Costa Rica. The gambling license offered in Costa Rica is known as a data processing license and is actually equivalent to a gambling license per se that has a comparatively low cost if compared to other licenses available in Panama, Antigua, Philippines, or the EU.

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Offshore Banking Introduction

A very delicate matter requires special attention to detail and will be created based on the special requirements of each specific business group.

egaming Legal Advice costa rica

Permanent Legal Advice

As an authority with more than 25 years of experience and an impeccable reputation in the offshore online legal gaming industry, we provide selected clients with the possibility of retaining our legal advisory services in order to make sure that they are in strict compliance with local and international laws. Learn more about Becoming our Client.

Online Gaming Legal Opinion costa rica

Online Gaming Legal Opinion

Our expert legal team produces customized legal opinions in relation to the legality of the Costa Rican legal gaming structure and its local and international implications to our clients.

GLC International strongly suggests you contact our Gaming Legal team before you embark on your gambling operation as it is not recommended to incorporate an e-gaming company, obtain a gambling license, or open bank accounts from firms that merely act as intermediaries or incorporation agents.

Costa Rica Gambling License Steps

Our expert legal team produces customized legal opinions in relation to the legality of the Costa Rican legal gaming structure and its local and international implications to our clients.

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Incorporate a Costa Rica Gaming Company or Purchase a Ready-Made Costa Rica Gaming Company

  • Give us personal details of legal representatives and beneficiaries of the corporation
  • Proceed with the incorporation completing our Incorporation Form
process duration
Estimated Minimum Duration: 24–72 hours

Step 2: Apply for Gambling License via the Costa Rica Gaming Company

  • Select the ideal location in Costa Rica with our advice
  • Obtain necessary permits through GLC International
  • Obtain Gambling License
process duration
Estimated Minimum Duration: 3 months

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