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The following should be the suggested ideal process to establish a client/attorney relationship:


Due to the special nature of Gaming Law and its industry, we only offer legal consulting services to select clients that value the importance of an experienced legal professional with more than 2 decades of experience.

How to create a client/attorney relationship by retaining our services via the following options:

  • Scheduling a Legal Consultation with our Expert in the following link: Schedule a 1-Hour Consultation *
  • Retain our Services a Minimum of 10 non-reimbursable professional hours **

* The 1-hour consultation with our Managing Partner and Expert in the field serves as an initial meeting, dedicated to evaluating the fundamentals of Gaming Law in Costa Rica and comprehending the client’s business model. Please note that this consultation is not intended for crafting bespoke legal frameworks or strategies. Furthermore, it is safeguarded by the attorney-client privilege.

** After we can conduct a KYC (Know Your Customer) on the potential client, we will execute an Engagement Letter.


After an initial meeting between the new client and our Managing Partner and Expert, our legal team will prepare a Legal Strategy that fits your needs. The Legal Strategy is explained in a legal report that includes general and specific legal and operational aspects for gaming operations in Costa Rica, including:

  • General Legal Situation
  • Legal situation for an online gambling company in Costa Rica
  • How to install a Costa Rican online gaming company (step by step).
  • Suggested legal structure

General Requirements for the Legal Strategy:

  1. Determine the nationality (ies) of the owners
  2. Determine the exact games that will be offered
  3. Determine the location of servers
  4. Determine the future location of the operation.
  5. Determine the actual need for a specific gaming license or Costa Rica data processing license.
  6. Determine the size of the operation in number of employees.
  7. Determine the target market.
  8. Determine the volume of the expected cashflow
Estimated Duration

Minimum Estimated Duration: 8 business days

STEP 3: Build the Legal Structure

Construct and follow the results of the Legal Strategy as far as the:

  • Type of legal entity selected for the purpose, including desired jurisdiction
  • Possible Licensing, including a Costa Rican Data Processing License and/or another type of license
  • Drafting of Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies
  • Payment Methods Accepted
  • Operational and Logistics

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