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Expert Legal Guidance for Costa Rica Retirement

Embarking on a retirement journey in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica requires more than just dreams; it demands meticulous planning and legal expertise. GLC International’s team of Costa Rican Residency lawyers stands ready to assist you in navigating the complex immigration application process to secure your residency status in this tropical haven.

Whether you’re considering the Costa Rica Pensioner or Pensionado option, the Costa Rica Rentist program, or the Costa Rica Investor pathway, our experts will analyze your unique circumstances and guide you every step of the way. From ensuring you meet the financial requirements to coordinating the legalization of essential documents like your Birth Certificate and Background Check, GLC International streamlines the process for a seamless transition.

Additionally, our dedicated team will assist you in obtaining a Costa Rican driver’s license, adding the final touch to your retirement in Costa Rica. Let us help you realize your retirement dreams in this enchanting Central American paradise.

Residency Documents costa rica

Residency Documents to Retire in Costa Rica

GLC International’s Costa Rican Residency lawyers analyze your specific situation and guide you through the entire immigration application process until your request is approved according to Costa Rica Immigration Law, the main Costa Rica Residency options include Costa Rica Pensioner or Pensionado, Costa Rica Rentist, and Costa Rica Investor.

In general terms, it is very simple to obtain regular Costa Rica Retirement status, if you get a minimum of USD $1000.00 in a monthly lifetime pension you are eligible to even include your spouse. GLC will coordinate with you the legalization or Apostille of your Birth Certificate and Background Check in the corresponding foreign ministries in your country and in the corresponding Costa Rican Consulate if necessary.

Costa Rica Driver License  foreigners

Costa Rica Driver's License for Foreigners

Coordinate with our team the process required for you to obtain a Costa Rican driver’s license and make your retirement to Costa Rica complete.

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