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Who We Are

GLC International, established in 1999, stands as a pioneering force in the realm of international business advisors, offering unparalleled legal and business expertise. In an era when traditional law firms catered primarily to multinational corporations, we recognized a critical gap in the market – the unmet needs of expatriates and emerging entrepreneurs seeking to harness Costa Rica’s regulatory advantages.

As visionary international business advisors, GLC International carved out a unique niche, becoming trailblazers in providing tailored legal services to this underserved market. Our founders, forward-thinking attorneys with keen business acumen, understood that foreign direct investment was the cornerstone of regional development.

For 25 years, GLC International has cultivated a distinctive practice, leveraging Costa Rica’s political stability, robust legal framework, and social cohesion to benefit our diverse clientele. Our longevity in the field of international business advisors is a testament to our adaptability, expertise, and commitment to client success.

Throughout our journey, we’ve empowered a global network of clients with in-depth knowledge of offshore and Costa Rican legal structures. As international business advisors, we’ve guided countless individuals and businesses to thrive on the world stage, navigating complex legal landscapes with confidence.

Unlike mere intermediaries, GLC International stands as a full-fledged law firm. We go beyond simple advice, offering comprehensive legal counsel paired with practical solutions crucial for success in today’s interconnected global economy. Our role as international business advisors encompasses legal expertise, business strategy, and cultural understanding, providing a holistic approach to international ventures.

Your Go-To International Business Advisors

As seasoned international business advisors, our team combines legal prowess with sharp business acumen, accumulating 25 years of triumph in the offshore business world. This unique blend has established GLC International as a regional authority in an array of specialized services:

Incorporation in regional jurisdictions

As international business advisors, we guide clients through the intricacies of establishing legal entities across various countries, ensuring compliance and optimizing structural benefits.

Formation of multi-jurisdictional legal structures

Our expertise as international business advisors extends to creating sophisticated legal frameworks spanning multiple jurisdictions, maximizing advantages while minimizing risks.

Introduction to Offshore Banking

We provide comprehensive guidance on navigating the world of offshore banking, a crucial aspect of our role as international business advisors.

Data Processing Licenses

In today’s digital age, we assist clients in obtaining necessary licenses for data processing operations, ensuring they meet all regulatory requirements.

Gaming Companies

As international business advisors, we specialize in the unique legal landscape surrounding gaming companies, offering tailored solutions for this dynamic industry.

Companies for Crypto

Our expertise extends to the cutting-edge realm of cryptocurrency, providing guidance on establishing and operating crypto-related businesses.

Our core practice as international business advisors focuses on these specific services, which we have mastered and refined over the years. This specialization allows us to offer unparalleled expertise and value to our clients.

“Simplifying Offshore Business since 1999”

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