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Simplifying Offshore Business since 1999

Our international team of attorneys and business advisors has been dedicated to serving a diverse array of global clients since 1999. With our expertise, we’ve successfully facilitated the establishment of legal frameworks essential for conducting international business, utilizing both Costa Rican and regional solutions. Over the years, we’ve assisted thousands of clients, ensuring their ventures are structured effectively and compliant with pertinent regulations.

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International Offshore Company Specialists

GLC International has 25 years of experience of success in the offshore business world which has made GLC a regional authority in Incorporation in Costa Rica JurisdictionFormation of Multi-Jurisdictional Legal StructuresIntroduction to Offshore BankingOffshore JurisdictionsData Processing Licenses, Crypto Companies and Gaming Companies & Licenses.

Offshore Companies

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Why Do You Need an Offshore Company?

In this Globalized World, we can not stay isolated from business and regulatory opportunities available for international investors and entrepreneurs. The benefits of Offshore Banking or creating an Offshore company are:

Offshore Company Privacy benefits


Offshore Company Regulatory Advantages Costa Rica

Regulatory advantages

Offshore Company Protection against Lawsuits

Protection against lawsuits

The main reasons for setting up offshore companies are Estate Planning, Asset Protection, Banking, Real Estate Investment, Business Ventures, Gaming Companies, among others.


The procedural sequence for Costa Rica company formation is characterized by its inherent simplicity:

  1. Fill up the Incorporation Form
  2. Payment for Your Offshore Company
  3. Paper Submission
  4. Obtain Your Brand New Offshore Company

Costa Rica Company Incorporation

Company Formation Experts

GLC International is your trusted partner for professional assistance with Costa Rica Incorporation. Whether you seek to establish a new Costa Rica company for local, international, or global business, we have you covered with our comprehensive Costa Rica company formation services, including registering a company name. Our expert team also offers the option to conveniently purchase a Costa Rica Company or Costa Rica Corporation through us. With GLC International by your side, you can confidently navigate the legal landscape and unlock endless possibilities for your entrepreneurial ventures, including how to incorporate in Costa Rica.

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Costa Rica Gaming Company & License

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With unparalleled expertise in the field of legal online gaming companies in Costa Rica and Central America, GLC International stands as the foremost Gaming Law authority in the region. Our extensive experience of over two decades encompasses offshore gambling legal structures and the operation of companies based in Costa Rica. Trust GLC International, the leading name in the industry, to navigate the complexities of the online gaming world with confidence and reliability.

Costa Rica Crypto Company Setup

Are you thinking of setting up a crypto company in Costa Rica? The beautiful country of Costa Rica has been making strides in the world of cryptocurrency, offering a unique and exciting environment for crypto businesses to thrive. The country is becoming a hub for cryptocurrency companies, and GLC International specializes in forming offshore companies in Costa Rica, including cryptocurrency companies.

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Doing Business in Costa Rica

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GLC International is dedicated to guiding you through the process of establishing your global business hub in Costa Rica. With our team of highly skilled and experienced Costa Rican and international business attorneys, we are committed to providing you with the best legal advice tailored to meet your specific business needs. Trust our GLC International business advisors to be your valued partners in creating the right type of company for your Costa Rica business opportunity.

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